Monday, June 14, 2010

Rustic Caravan Park

Rustic Caravan Park.

What better place to finish my series on Caravan parks......the place that inspired me in the beginning, Rustic Caravan park at Bennalong NSW, Australia.

Johanna and Willi Zunter were from Vienna, and were the first permanent residents at the Manyana Beach estate. The Park is a family run business and has been running since 1980..........30 years on the park is now run by Johanna's son John who is also a chess master. The park retains it originality and it is the only place I have visited that hasn't sold out by over populating the space with too many vans. The park has been created and carved from the bush and provides enjoyment to everybody seeking something alternate and the slower paced lifestyle of being at one with nature.

Famous people that have visited Rustic are Victor Chang, Tom Roberts, Pro Hart, and Aurthor Boyd. Rustic has also been featured in a high end fashion Gucci photo-shoot that graced magazines pages all around Australia. Although this wouldn't phase the Zunter's in the slightest, as long as they earn an honest living and pass the legacy from generation to generation they will remain content.

There are no big signs up to promote the park, but word of this gem travels quicker than any advertising money could buy.

990 Bendalong Road
Bendalong NSW 2539
+61 (0)2 4456-1116

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