Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner for two with Manu

At 13, Manu was training to be a performing circus clown and planed to join the Carnie life. However at 15, inspired by his father's restaurant he decided to turn direct his passion to food. Now he has 3 chefs hats under his belt, a slew of celebrity TV appearances and a signature restaurant. When I met Manu and discovered he had been trained as a clown I was fascinated. Originally I thought that the two occupations were completely different, but delving deeper into what makes up the elements of each profession, many correlations became apparent. Cooking in essence is performing too! Whether Manu is cooking for two hundred people on a Saturday night in a packed restaurant, or for his family on a Sunday night, or developing instant recipes for the thousands of TV viewers at home, he is always entertaining. In my picture I wanted to demonstrate the similarities of performance within both occupations by combining the two, and focusing on the performance side of each. While trying to illustrate Manu's larger than life personality in a single frame

Thursday, September 17, 2009

John Terilli - "Mr Universe"

My wife Liliya recently filmed a feature film with John Terilli. For those of you that aren't in the know, John Terilli is one of Australia's most successful bodybuilders. In 1994 Terilli was the first Australian to win the Mr Universe competition, which is an amazing feat and now the "Mr Universe" tagline will stick to him forever.
Since then Terilli has been running the Broadway gym, and his acting career is taking off with his second feature film about to commence production.
The brief on this job was to shoot a front cover for a print calendar on star signs that will be featuring some of my other images. John who is a star and about to be a bigger star is watering his star Garden.
All of the surrounding houses had curious onlookers peeking from behind their curtains, in what they discovered was not your typical Saturday morning sight.

Thanks to the following people:
John Terilli, Kerryl Bullen (Stylist), Lisey Ruth Curtis (Hair & Make-up), Julian May (Assistant & Behind the scenes shooter) & to Bruce Allan who helped me find the location

Final Image:

Behind the scenes video footage:

Link to Terilli's website:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beatdisc Records

When art director Jono Palasty came to me with an open brief for Beatdisc Records, I jumped at the chance to shoot it.
Beatdisc Records is an alternative record store in Parramatta, and the concept Jono P came up with was "ALL WE KNOW IS MUSIC". This involved photographing talent in a dodgy location as if they were squatters, and then shooting instruments for their heads.

My brother Nick helped us find the perfect location that required no styling, which sounds simple but it was shot gorilla style. We had to hike all the gear up a rickety old ladder and over a balcony, whilst not slipping on mountains of pigeon pooh and making sure no-one saw us entering or leaving the building.

The ads will possibly run on street posters and street press like "Drum" magazine.
Thanks to Mark Nara and Franky for being Talent, and Nick for finding the location :)