Thursday, July 14, 2011




Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alexey & Bono

I met Alex Roth on the set of the MTV job, and knew straight away that I wanted to work with him again.
The idea was inspired by the Didymus character from the cult movie "The Labyrinth". Through the help of the stylist Cherith Crozier, we spent weeks revising the direction and wardrobe until finally we settled and had some custom made clothes designed and sent from the UK.
Cherith Crozier
Art Director & Stylist

The great Dane was called Bono and was a true professional on set, thanks to Julie from Stordansk Danes

Also a big thank you to Michelle Dube for helping with hair and make-up

And finally a huge thank you for the amazing post and grade put on this image which really brought it to life. If you ever need any retouching, please get in touch with a new and exciting group in Sydney called Limehouse Creative

Commonwealth Bank

In a giant collaboration that took us to 5 states of Australia, the creative team gurus from Goodby Silverstein, the Commonwealth Bank Agribusiness team, and our production department visited some of the most incredible rural properties imaginable. We were able to have the rare opportunity to intimately experience and capture the families in their lives on their remote properties. It was 2 weeks of sharing tall stories, mustering, small pubs, giant steaks, 4.30am mornings, 4 wheel driving, riding atop enormous machines, shearing, driving, families and farmhands, and fields the size of Tasmania! Thousands of images later - these are the final results for the campaign that perfectly captures Agribusiness and the people that are the business.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Head Hunters Hair Design

I recently got briefed to photograph 3 unwanted animals for a campaign for the Sydney Dog and Cats Home, and the images will be seen soon. The location I discovered to photograph the animals at was Head Hunter's Hair Design. Robbie and Elizabeth have created their own amazing inner city oasis. Having already used their location for the campaign, I had to find another one that suited them for their own portrait.

Head Hunters Hair Design

Leading technical directors and specialist designers in imagemaking design, cutting, perming, colouring, hair extensions, weaves, braids, toys and wigs human and synthetic hairpieces, european, afro, asian and ethnic styling and curl care products, technical classes and consultations available.

We also offer amazing Healing by Robbie King!

83 Bronte Road Bondi Junction,
New South Wales 2022

PH: 9387 5535


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue Bird Cafe

Blue Bird Cafe in Lockardt, NSW.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Barry Kimberly

While on a recent location scout in North Queensland I stumbled across Barry Kimberly.

Barry is known to be one of the most skilled knife and bow and arrow makers in the country. When he first told me that he hunts wild boars with just a bow and arrow I found it hard to believe, but he quickly pulled out countless magazines where he was frequently featured standing proudly over his dead boars deep in the bush. Some of the photos were from night hunts, and I thought to myself it would be hard enough hitting a running boar with an arrow in the middle of the day, let alone in the dark.

If you ever see Barry be sure to stay away from his white dog "T-Bone". It's not friendly towards people from south of the boarder.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

International Aperture Awards

My image of the mud lakes in Ukraine received a bronze in the international aperture awards.