Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I recently shot the "Hoyts 100 years" campaign through an agency in Melbourne called Paper Stone Scissors. The idea behind the campaign was for Hoyts to give away free tickets on your birthday and we needed to find people who shared a resemblance to famous stars.

The art director, Jake Smallman had several ideas and the client was to sign off on four final images. My favourite concept was the Robert Deniro "Taxi driver" theme, but unfortunately the client didn't approve it.

Traveling home on the bus one night I looked up from my book into a cafe in Bondi and noticed someone looking extremely close to Robert Deniro in that movie, so I took it as a sign that I should shoot the "Taxi Driver" concept anyway. 2 weeks later I was on location of the Beatdisc photoshoot, and in one of the 19 abandoned rooms was an actual taxi sign that sits on the roof of a car......another sign that the shoot needed to happen :)