Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I think I must have lived as a Russian in a previous life..... I wash down shots of Vodka with gherkins, love Karaoke, dried fish and caviar, married a Russian girl, and am fascinated by the country. I noticed this when I was cheering on Russia against America in the latest Olympic Games.

Last Saturday night I found myself in one of Sydney's enjoyable Russian restaurants"Odessa", drinking Vodka and dancing to Russian music. What is going on?

One thing that struck me when I first visited Russia in 2007 was how warm the people are.
The propaganda fed to us from Americans told us all Russians are cold and heartless, and that influenced my opinions formed in childhood. This is so far from the truth it is embarrassing. I was welcomed by so many people into their homes with open arms, offering me whatever they had, as little as it may be.

A country so rich in history, arts, literature and culture. With strong, proud, patriotic people, it is no wonder they have never lost a war.

I have a few photos on my website of Russia, but after last weekend's good times at "Odessa" it is only fitting that I share some for the first time with you.....ENJOY :)

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  1. Interesting impressions...
    "from Russia with love"
    it is the name one great movie,
    I will recommend to you, even I don't share same good impressions about this big and ugly country...