Monday, June 15, 2009

Rustic Caravan Park

In the past 14 years Johanna has been counting different types of owls that frequent her caravan park, she has counted 13 different breeds in the trees. 

Locals and park visitors noticed her fondness towards owls and started buying and making little owls for her house. She now has over 683 different miniature owls within her home.

Rustic Caravan Park where Johanna lives (Bendalong, South Coast) is one of my favourite parks and has a very free, natural feeling. It is a hidden gem on the south coast, and if you enjoy camping check it out. 

Rustic Caravan
990 Bendalong Road
Bendalong NSW 2539

+61 (0)2 4456-1116 

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  1. She is a lovely lady.Willie and Johanna bought their property from my Grandparents in 1964 I lived with my grandparents down there and have fond memories of the area.I visited Johanna this year and she was so lovely letting me reminisce.